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About Me

I invite you into my world, on a journey inside the magic…

Where you can learn about new and foreign lands, connect with people and cultures, explore the unknown, and create your own adventures through my art and travels!

You will get to see unique, colorful, abstracted paintings as I share my stories, thoughts, and experiences with you!


In my world, you can travel and have a meeting of the minds with some of the Greats too!



MY VISION is to connect people and cultures through my art and travels to enhance unity within our local communities and our world as a whole.

is to create quality original abstract paintings
that inspire your imagination and sense of wonder. It is my goal to connect us through the free flowing colors and designs of my work to create a unique experience that unifies us in this shared moment. This fascination is our common ground to explore, adventure, and learn together beyond the canvas.

Welcome! I look forward to connecting with you in my Creative Explorers Art Community.

Welcome! I look forward to connecting with you in my Creative Explorers Art Community.


I am a contemporary abstract artist and native of Memphis, Tennessee. Currently living in Tampa Bay, Florida I create bright, bold colorful paintings that explore both fluid art and abstractions. My works highlight themes close to my heart; such as sisterhood, culture, nature, and travel. Most of my artistic influences are from my travels and explorations of different cultures, and observing nature and the world around us. A graduate from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL; I obtained my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. Through my use of color and texture, I explore ideas surrounding our social connections, chance encounters, and human emotion. I incorporate lots of color, energy, and expressions that take form through vivid, bold, and dramatic designs. I am interested in how we see meaning in color; the feelings and thoughts that are communicated, and its unique character and flowing path of exploring the unknown.


In many of my fluid paintings, the unique show of forms and colors are generated through a special process I use with the use of tools or natural forces. Some paintings are spun or shaken while others depend on the reactions between materials or gravity to allow the painting to flow into itself. The paintings are created through many layers of paint, each introducing it's own flowing abstract design. Many works are embellished with mixed media to upcycle unique finds in nature or to be personalized with my own special items. I work primarily with inks, watercolor, and acrylics for their free flowing nature.

In my ink paintings, my process is very organic as well. My works begin in an intuitive manner, allowing the paints to naturally flow and blend itself throughout the canvas. I use a lot of cultural, geometric, and patterns found in nature to create a harmonious collage. Each design is similar to a puzzle with each piece being created on its own before coming together to form one cohesive art. I am guided by my own sense of intuition as I am personally intertwined in the mosaic of the individual theme and meaning of each work. I complete my process sealing each painting with varnish (a liquid sealant) or resin leaving it to be opened by the viewer for interpretation. 


I am a believer in using my talents and art to help others. I create art to enhance unity and encourage compassionate views within our local communities and our world as a whole. It is my desire to increase cultural awareness and share these values through my art and travels. As an artist, it is important for me to inspire the imagination and sense of wonder in others; but even more, to create positive impacts beyond the aesthetic nature of my work. With this mission, we can journey together through my paintings, adventure through the flowing of colors, and dream. For me, this is one of the deepest meanings in my art, my travels, and my overall purpose as an artist.

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“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” - Oprah Winfrey