Carmen's Rose

Carmen's Rose


11 x 15 Alcohol Ink Collage
Yupo on Watercolor

Carmen’s Rose is in memory of my friend Carmen Hendrix. She lost her life in 2018 from domestic violence and this rose represents her sweet spirit that endured the emotional and physical abuse of her husband. The petals in blood red falling on sharp blades of grass are symbolic of the uncontrollable events that would soon come. It’s beauty still standing, its leaves still strong; alone in the silent screams.

Carmen’s Rose is dedicated to anybody that has ever experienced an abusive relationship. I give this rose as a reminder of the resilience and self love that it takes to get out and survive.

While I was creating this piece, it helped me process a lot of my guilt of not seeing or knowing what was going on. I was able to reconstruct each petal, each color, and put it all back together again. I’m thankful for my artistic practice as it empowers me to share my stories and experiences and give light to situations such as this.

Original Art comes with a special hand signed note from the artist.

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