My New Year 2019

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2018 has quickly passed by… this time last year I was celebrating in the Dominican Republic excited about what 2018 would bring. In a general sense; it brought the good, the bad, and the ugly. I learned a lot this year, about people, about loss, and especially about myself. I also explored many new territories and learned different things. Overall 2018 was a success— mainly because I was able to complete it and continue on my journey and discover what is to come in 2019.

Bringing in 2018 in the Dominican Republic

Bringing in 2018 in the Dominican Republic

2018 RECAP:

  • Explored 6 differerent countries and only have one more continent to reach before I can say I’ve been on them all! (I travelled more than I could blog, but I’ll share with you as I paint…)

  • Signed up for my very 1st swimming lesson and will continue...

  • Started my art business

  • Made new friends from all over the world

  • Took a break from my aerial training, but I do hope to start again

  • Drove over 12 hours by myself on a road trip (and back)

  • Snorkeled in the Great Barrier Reefs

  • Fed Kangaroos , Petted a live koala

  • Saw an actual volcano for the 1st time in my life

  • Traveled domestically (mostly throughout the state of Florida) and pretty much lived in hotels for a year

  • Endured the loss of a beloved friend from college due to domestic violence

  • Celebrated 5 years of marriage

  • Learned that I could survive and travel out of the country by myself for the 1st time

  • Climbed a rock wall for the 1st time and it was so high, but I made it a 3rd of the way...I’ll take it!

  • Ziplined for the 1st time in the Dominican Republic

  • Shot a bow and arrow.. . I had decent aim, but I was not a natural… archery takes a lot of practice

  • Shared in the joy of my good friend getting married! Bridal shower ‘Great Gatsby’ theme was perfection

  • Listened to wisdom from my grandmother, an octogenerian…

  • Supported others in their dreams, or struggles; I’m rooting for you!

  • Enjoyed the company of my most favorite person to be around - myself!

Those are some of the moments and experiences that have impacted me the most this year…

I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions, but I do set goals and aspirations for myself no matter the day.

I keep it really simple:


My last moments of 2018 were filled with peace, love, and solitude as I reflect back on my year. We didn’t do anything adventurous or exciting, just simple and quiet, which for me is equally great.

Nothing like some ‘me time’ and a gentle kiss from my husband to begin a New Year….

2019-happynew year.jpg
At a Christmas/ New Years party to celebrate the holidays! Getting ready to step into 2019!!

At a Christmas/ New Years party to celebrate the holidays! Getting ready to step into 2019!!

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned going into 2019?